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Blue Celestite Cluster

Blue Celestite Cluster

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Celestite is a pale-blue crystal associated with the angelic realms. It has a soothing and peaceful energy. Celestite geodes are lovely when placed in a healing space or meditation room.

Support from the angelic realms is always available to everyone. Celestite helps you tune into angelic guidance by shifting your focus out of everyday awareness into a peaceful place of receptivity.


2.84 X 2.48 X 1.94 inches

Weight: 389 gr

Suggestion for Use

Lie down and place celestite at your crown chakra. Intend that you will meet your guardian angel. Relax and take a few deep breaths. Imagine you are floating gently upward into a heavenly blue sky. You reach a pure-white cloud where you rest. The cloud is shining with a luminous light and you become aware that you are in the presence of an angelic being. As you rest, you are bathed in light by the angel. You may hear loving words of guidance, have a vision or feel warmth and reassurance.

When you are ready, thank your angel and gently float back down into your physical body. Wiggle your fingers and toes. Take a few moments to come fully round. Ensure you are grounded before you continue with your day.

Handle with Care
These Celestite geodes from Madagascar are very hard to find. Associated with the Third Eye Chakra and also the Throat Chakra these peaceful, calming stones emit a smooth and peaceful vibration.

Celestite crystals crumble easily. Always handle gently and use incense or smudge for cleansing. When celestite is too fragile, angelite may be substituted. It has similar properties and is more durable. Place celestite out of direct sunlight as it can fade.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Christieswenson Tromp
Seller was very nice. Quick to ship and it...

Seller was very nice. Quick to ship and item is just as beautiful as the pics! 😍

Joanna Runolfsson
This piece looks beautiful, it looks exact...

This piece looks beautiful, it looks exactly the same as the picture. The whole shipment is very well packaged with lots of love and care. And I really appreciate the gift that came with it :) This shop is now one of my go-to shops for revisiting as I continue to expand my crystal collections. Thanks!

Suzsuzs Mann
This amazing piece exceeded my expectation...

This amazing piece exceeded my expectations. It is stunning and when I opened the box the energy transference was unbelievable. A gift for someone who lost a loved one and she adores it. Customer service was great; rather than shipping I was able to pick up as we live in the same region. Easy, fast and contactless

Hayley Hahn
Looks exactly like the picture. It's beaut...

Looks exactly like the picture. It's beautiful!

Savannah Marks
Absolutely in love with this crystal!! It'...

Absolutely in love with this crystal!! It's very high quality and it was packaged very carefully, definitely will be ordering again :)