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Turquoise Stone from Peru , tumbled stone

Turquoise Stone from Peru , tumbled stone

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Turquoise stone gets its blue color from its copper content, with greener shades containing traces of iron. The crystal has given its name to the colour turquoise.

This crystal supports you in staying peacefully centered, even when life is challenging. Centering with turquoise gives you the chance to restore and replenish your energies. Learning to support others without getting involved in their dramas is a part of this stone's teaching.


Large ~1"

Weight ~ 23 gr

Medium ~0.9"

Weight: ~14 gr

Origin: Peru

You will receive one of the stones pictured.

Turquoise may boost your creative spirit. What would you like to create? Making things is a basic human instinct. Ensure some of your creations are purely for your own enjoyment.

Suggestion for Use

If you feel you have over-extended your energy, it is time to replenish and restore.

Place turquoise at your heart and solar plexus chakras. Put a hand on each stone and breathe deeply into your abdomen. Imagine you are recalling your energy.

When you have finished, take time to rest.

Handle with Care

Turquoise is porous and can be stained if it is in contact with oils. Its colour can fade in strong sunlight.

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Customer Reviews

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Dinora Conn
Item is beautiful ❤️. absolutely love it....

Item is beautiful ❤️. absolutely love it. Shipping was fast and it was well packaged for safe arrival.

Kelliepennell McKenzie
Very beautiful!

Very beautiful!

Michelle Beahan
Very happy with the quality, and energy of...

Very happy with the quality, and energy of this stone!