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Scandinavian Gnome silicone mold , Resin and candle moulds

Scandinavian Gnome silicone mold , Resin and candle moulds

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Scandinavian wizard gnome 3D handmade silicone_mold.
Perfect for making candles, resin art, concrete, plaster, etc.

All Moulds are made to order and ALL MOULD SALES ARE FINAL!
Our silicone_mold is made using vacuum treatment, which makes it high-quality. We use high-quality silicone from the USA only.


Height of the finished product: 98 millimeters (3.8 inches)
Width: 48 millimeters ( 1.9inch)

Weight of the finished product (candle) 87 grams (3 oz)


✦ If you provide the wrong address for your order or will not receive the order when it will be in your address and it gets returned to us you will be responsible for the shipping cost to ship the item out again.

✦ We are not responsible for damage to the silicone_mold after it has been received.

✦ We will not replace your silicone_mold because you are not happy with the finish of your casting. We can not predict how your epoxy/resin or wax with additives chemistry will react with the silicone. Adding products such as dyes, micas, alcohol ink, flowers, and aroma additives not for wax can all cause different reactions with the finish of the silicone_mold. Please check the materials before using silicone_molds so that they are suitable for them.

✦ How to clean the silicone_mold- Please wash your mold using warm water and mild soap and a soft sponge.

PLEASE NOTE, that we make cuts in our 3D silicone_molds for easy removal of the product from the silicone_mold!
We place the cuts in the most convenient place, our cuts have grooves so that the parts of the silicone_mold fit perfectly. Some silicone_molds consist of 2 parts.
Our molds withstand hundreds of pourings and will serve you for years.


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