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Rare Covellite tumbled stones

Rare Covellite tumbled stones

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Covellite supports unconditional love of self and harmonizes the body, mind, and soul. Covellite is a manifestation stone that connects to one to their higher self encouraging the transformation of dreams into reality.


Large: ~1.3"
Medium: ~1"

Covellite, Love, and Relationships

Using Covellite’s energies in your relationship will promote healing for yourself and your partner.

It will give you the release that you need from certain unhappy or unhealthy situations.

Covellite is especially helpful in releasing the negative energies in your love life. It will get rid of feelings of insecurity, jealousy, bitterness, or resentment.

It’s known to increase your libido, so you can definitely use this stone if the problems in your relationship concern your sex life!

The positive vibrations of this stone will also enhance a positive outlook in you and your partner.

Say goodbye to self-defeating attitudes. You will be getting rid of negative thinking and your pessimistic views about life in general.

It will help you transform a problematic relationship into a healthy and loving one. It will show you how you can approach an issue with composure and confidence.

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Customer Reviews

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Lauren Harris
OK now this one is something else. I was e...

OK now this one is something else. I was expecting something special but this is beyond that! It is going to be my favorite to meditate with and ground myself. Alexandra is so special in that she is so intuitive by sensing your needs and showing so much kindness. I love this shop and will be a lifetime customer for sure! Thank you!

Sara Pagac
I just received 2 crystals from this shop...

I just received 2 crystals from this shop and I'm in LOVE! Not only are they beautiful and exactly as described, but they come in the CUTEST bags and I love the little info sheet that was included. I will definitely order from this store again!

Christina Bergstrom
This is GORGEOUS! I LOVE the energy of thi...

This is GORGEOUS! I LOVE the energy of this item and it is even prettier than the picture. Such a soft, nuturing energy to it to! Came beautifully packages with a description of properties and how to use crystals for beginners, and a few extra tumbles I liked. Great shop!

Carolyn Considine
Oh my goodness! Such a beautiful moonstone...

Oh my goodness! Such a beautiful moonstone with great energy!

excellent products and efficient service

excellent products and efficient service.