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Natural Black obsidian crystal obelisk

Natural Black obsidian crystal obelisk

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Obsidian spiritual and healing properties:
Obsidian towers are stones that emerge with dramatic force from the depth of the earth, Black Obsidian is believed by many to bring hidden emotions to the surface. This makes it extremely useful in releasing long-held stresses and buried traumas. Like a volcanic eruption, this process may be a turbulent, unpleasant experience while it is going on, bringing old wounds, fears, and anxieties to the surface before they are released. Transformation always brings change, and change can sometimes be difficult to accept. Nevertheless, change is essential if we are to grow. Black Obsidian will release only outdated, unwanted remnants of our lives so that we can move forward, unencumbered by the past.

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H: ~3.5" (9 cm)
Base: ~0.9" (2.5 cm)
Weight: ~90-100 gr
Origin: Brazil
!!!You will receive one of the obelisks pictured!!!
* Only one tower has a gold sheen

Black Obsidian is found only in volcanic areas, where it forms from rapidly cooled lava. Born from the fire within the heart of the plane, Black Obsidian can bring a strong sense of determination to conquer fear and face reality in a practical, grounded, and courageous way.

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Customer Reviews

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Nicky Turner
Beautiful quality and fast, safely secured...

Beautiful quality and fast, safely secured shipping. The packaging was super cute too! I loved the information card that came with it.

Alexa Bailey
A great shop! The obsidian specimens are e...

A great shop! The obsidian specimens are exactly as described and my nieces love them! The seller was very responsive and helpful. Thanks!!

Alisha Cummerata
Beautiful and exactly as described

Beautiful and exactly as described

Kellynocent1 Crona
Excellent customer service and communicati...

Excellent customer service and communication.

Trash Hilpert
Shipping didn't take long and the obsidian...

Shipping didn't take long and the obsidian tower was bigger than expected. My twin and loved the opalite cube and I got an extra free agate with my order. Would definitely recommend buying from this shop :))