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Amethyst crystal cupcake cluster

Amethyst crystal cupcake cluster

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Our crystal cupcakes are the perfect luxury home decor item. Formed by cutting natural Amethyst clusters into polished cylinders. Individual cupcakes may include crystal points, druze clusters, and other mineral deposits. Due to the natural formation of each piece, there will be a range in color, size, and shape.

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Dimension approx.

Height: ~2.2 inches
Diameter: ~1.4inches
Origin: Uruguay

Amethyst crystals and their meaning

Amethyst is a member of the Quartz family and is one of the first crystals to appear in most collections. Its color ranges from pale lavender to rich purple and is caused by traces of iron. Its calming energy can enhance meditation and support a peaceful night's sleep.

This crystal has long been associated with spirituality and was worn by bishops in the Middle Ages. It helps you to access spiritual guidance and wisdom. Amethyst clears the crown and brow chakras and may ease headaches.

An Amethyst geode placed in a room can lift the energy of everyone who gathers there and may help promote harmony in a group. It is ideally placed in a meditation room.

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Handle with Care

Amethyst may fade if left in strong sunlight, so position it out of direct light.


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This is so beautiful

This Amethyst cluster is gorgeous. I just bought the similar one and I love it!