Orange Calcite Meaning , Properties, and Uses

Joy - Imagination - Creativity

Chakras: Sacral

Zodiac: Cancer, Leo

Affirmation: I can be whatever I want to be

Orange calcite meaning

Orange Calcite meaning

Orange calcite was named due to its incredible resemblance to the fruit. It is found in nature in abundance, in many large deposits around the world. Calcite can come in a beautiful range of colors, from clear ice to citrus bright orange. Each brings its own radiant energy but all Calcite is here to encourage creative expression, wash away negativity, and to nurture emotional healing so you can lead the life you were born to live.
Orange calcite recharges your body, it is like fruit for your aura. It is a powerful cleanser that amplifies positive energies in one’s life. It cleanses the aura and body.
With its burst of citrus fresh fabulousness and its incredible amplifying energy, Calcite is a stone that kisses you with a surge of energy, ever ready to light a fire in your soul. For those times in life when you feel like you need a complete spring clean, Calcite can swoop in and bring its invigorating flow to flush out old stagnant habits, unhook the anchors, and leave you dancing light on your feet.

This stone also encourages change and trying new patterns in life. This stone will stimulate your mood and bring you a more positive perspective into life. It also enhances self-confidence, creativity, to embrace your sexuality and the ability to enjoy life more fully. This stone is excellent for new journeys or soul searching. It enhances the ability to have pleasure and enjoy the little things of life. It brings you to the present moment. It stimulates your inner child and brings it back to life.

Suggestion for Use

Cleanse your space. Light a candle– anoint it first with your favorite oil or herb if you feel called to. Grab an Orange Calcite crystal to help you feel motivated and at peace.

Once you’re ready, take some deep breaths. Visualize yourself creating space and time for all the things you need to do in order to move more into alignment with your soul path. Imagine the joy you’ll feel as you do each one. Think about how each item on your to-do list makes you feel. What do you see when you think about that activity? What do you hear? Smell? Feel? Hold space for these things to unfold over the next few weeks and carry your Orange Calcite stone with you for the motivation you need to accomplish these tasks.


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