Mangano calcite Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Joy - Piece - Friendship

Chakras: Heart
Zodiac: Cancer, Libra, Taurus

Affirmation:  I am blessed with nurturing vibrations wherever I go! I am gentle with myself. 


Mangano calcite meaning, properties and use


Mangano Calcite Overview

Mangano Calcite is a rare variety of pale pink Calcite.  It is famously mined in Peru, but occasionally can be found in other countries.  The name “mangano” comes from the element Manganese which is what gives this stone its pretty color.  Like most Calcites, its metaphysical powers were first described in the 21st century.  It has an exceptionally soothing energy for heart chakra, which makes it ideal for children as well as the wounded child inside many adults.

Mangano Calcite Meaning

Mangano Calcite helps to lift tension from anxiety, or lingering pain or trauma. Helping to promote peace, tranquility, and a more calm state of mind, this pretty light or dark pink stone is commonly used in massage and meditation. When using pink Mangano Calcite for meditation, the patient may hold the stones in their hand to help relax and promote overall mental and physical well-being.

Additionally, there is also scientific benefits to using stones like Mangano Calcite in massage therapy to help unwind and relieve stress. It is often made as a crystal wand for massage purposes.

This stone's properties help to relieve stress and tension from previous emotional trauma, the loss of a loved one, a difficult breakup, PTSD, or emotional or physical abuse. If you are struggling with anxiety, stress, trauma, or grief, we encourage you to look into the benefits of pink Mangano Calcite for meditation or massage therapy.


Spiritual and Healing Properties

Mangano Calcite connects us with Divine Love and is a stone of the heart. It is excellent for emotional healing as it can help shift long-standing issues and support those with deep grief or trauma. It can gently release buried anger or grief and because it fills the heart with love for oneself and for others, it can help prevent passive-aggressive behaviour.

Its gentle heart healing, mother love energy offers hope and brings comfort to the wounded inner child. Resonating with universal love this nurturing crystal banishes fear, stress and worry and is perfect to put under the pillow to reduce nightmares.

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