Blue Aragonite Meaning , Properties, and Uses

Intuition - Confidence - Self worth

Chakras: Third Eye, Heart, Throat
Zodiac: Capricorn
Affirmation: I am able to identify my feelings and resolve unsettling emotions.


Blue Aragonite meaning

Blue Aragonite meaning

Blue Aragonite is a variety of Aragonite that crystallizes in orthorhombic or acicular formations. It's commonly found in Austria, Greece, Mexico, China, and Morocco. Blue Aragonite is mainly sold on the market as raw, tumbled pieces, or shaped into beads.
Blue aragonite is known as an essential talisman for tackling mental, physical, and spiritual issues.
It has a comforting, optimistic, and joyful vibration that enhances your ability to communicate. This stone’s energy can help you to speak accurately while communicating with the spirit guides. It allows you to feel relaxed and calm during this communication. This is beneficial for psychic readers and tarot readers.

Another meaning of blue aragonite is hope. It is known as the stone of hope. It can help in being more compassionate while dealing with people and relieving stress.  

Spiritual and healing properties

Blue Aragonite is a very helpful stone for gaining perspective about emotional wounds, especially anything related to verbal abuse. Blue Aragonite enhances emotional perception and increases empathy and compassion towards ourselves and others. It can also help us to release fear of so-called “negative” emotions, such as grief or anger. Blue Aragonite shows us that there are beautiful lessons and truths to be learned from all emotions and life experiences.
Blue Aragonite encourages clear communication, both in words and artistically. It is particularly helpful for anyone who wants to overcome a fear of public speaking or who struggles to convey their thoughts in writing. Blue Aragonite is also a gentle grounding stone for people with busy lives who nevertheless want to remain fully present to experiences as they unfold.