Amber Meaning , Properties, and Uses

Warmth - Harmony - Comfort

Chakras: Solar plexus, Sacral

Zodiac: Leo, Aquarius

Affirmation: I bask in the warmth of the Sun's rays

Amber resin

Amber meaning

Amber is not a crystal, as it is organic in origin and lacks a crystalline structure, but It is much enjoyed by crystal lovers. It is light in weight and feels warm - rather like plastic - to the touch. Most amber is the golden orange-yellow associated with the colour amber, but rare blue amber is also found. Amber is used in jewelry and has been used as a healing agent in folk medicine.

Historically amber was used in incense, as it burns with a sweetly aromatic smell. Nowadays it is too expensive to burn, but amber's younger cousin copal (a mere one to two million years old) is a common ingredient in incense.

Amber has a warming quality, encapsulating the energy of ancient sunlight. It is soothing and may give comfort if held to a sore throat. Amber is most welcome in the depths of winter when the Sun's warmth is a memory. It is strengthening for those who are convalescing after an illness.

Spiritual and healing properties

Amber is an exceptional tool for soaking up heavy moods and bad vibes. It cleans your emotional house by sweeping out negative energy and replacing it with positivity, a sense of empowerment, and a balanced and flexible attitude too. As Amber has a potent protective quality too it also keeps us safe from situations and individuals that could cause us harm along with quieting the voice of our inner critic too.

Amber Resin meaning

Glowing with a golden quality, Amber is a dab hand at helping cleanse and clear the sacral chakra. This delightful "gem" is all about balance and stability and building the wisdom within your spiritual house. Amber encourages creative self-expression and the purification of one’s own thoughts. The sacral chakra is the center of our passion and intimacy, it’s where we find our sense of joy and even our spiritual connection with others. When blocked, we may feel empty inside - we might have a low or unbalanced libido. We can fall into overwhelming easily and turn quickly to fear and insecurity. When fine-tuned and flowing, our sacral chakra is a sublime source of movement, energy, creativity, and sensuality.

Suggestion for Use

When the weather has been gloomy, hold a piece of amber. Close your eyes and imagine the warm glow of golden sunlight bathing your body. Visualize breathing in the sunshine and see the golden energy transported to every cell in your body.

Buyer Beware

Fake amber is coloured resin. It is sometimes used to make cheap novelties that appeal to children, such as keyrings containing insects. There are ways to test if you have real amber or fake. Try rubbing the amber for a minute on soft fabrie to build up a charge and then holding it over fine hair or pet fur. Real amber will hold an electrostatic charge and attract hair.