Amazonite Meaning , Properties, and Uses

Truth - Harmony - Peace

Chakras: Throat, heart, solar plexus

Zodiac: Leo, Aries, Scorpio

Affirmation: I speak and act with integrity

Amazonite meaning

Amazonite tumbled stone

Feldspar is a complex family of related minerals that includes many colorful and useful stones. Amazonite is one of the most easily identified members of the feldspar family because of its characteristic blue-green color. The mineral name for amazonite is microcline. Amazonite crystals are easy to identify, forming flat, columnar prisms that are clearly bounded, substantial-looking, and often intergrown.

Amazonite derives its name from the Amazon River in South America, even though it is jade, not amazonite, that is found there. A popular semiprecious gemstone, amazonite is commonly used for cabochons and beads. It is easily identified by its mottled, streaky, or parallel lines of lighter and darker greens, caused by atoms of lead within the crystal lattice.

Amazonite has been in use since ancient times. As well as its use in the Americas, it has been found as beads, carving, and jewelry in Ancient Egyptian tombs.

Spiritual and healing properties

This crystal encourages you to align with the truth of your heart. Although it may be easier to go along with the majority, exercising personal integrity is important, even when that risks becoming unpopular. Developing a conscious habit of speaking and acting from the heart is strengthening and improves personal boundaries and self-respect. Amazonite is particularly helpful in encouraging women to speak up for themselves in situations where they are outnumbered by men.Raw Amazonite crystal
Amazonite helps to balance and stabilize the nervous system. Communication, memory, and brain functions are all enhanced by Amazonite.

Like many turquoise and green stones, amazonite has been used to stimulate psychic skills and subtle sensitivity. It is sometimes even able to rekindle awareness of events from the distant past, known as far memory." The images and sensations arising from far memory often relate in some way to the current life circumstances ofthe individual experiencing them.

Amazonite flame carving

People recognize the energy of integrity and know that someone with personal integrity can be trusted. More importantly, if you develop the quality of integrity you know you can trust yourself.

Amazonite has been dubbed the "hope stone" because it engages an optimistic sense of what is possible.

Suggestion for Use

This visualization is for women who need the courage to make a stand and speak their truth. Hold a piece of amazonite. Imagine yourself as an Amazonian warrior woman. You carry a spear of truth and a shield of protection made from amazonite.

See yourself looking confident and strong. Know that when you hold amazonite you can invoke your powerful warrior self.