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Trolleite palm stone

Trolleite palm stone

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Known as the ascension crystal, Trolleite works on a cellular level to dissolve past fears. It guides you to your life path and helps you understand everything in it.

Trolleite works softly on the body's nervous system, it can even help clear away unwelcome vibrations from this lifetime or last. This crystal makes you more aware of frequencies in your field giving you more control over your life. It then aids in the transformation of any vibration to help you align with your soul’s purpose and path.

It is truly a unique and powerful crystal- a pure gift from the Earth to walk with you through this spiritual life.

~2 inches
Weight: ~ 120 gr
Origin: Australia

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Sabe1970 West
Item arrived and loved the gifts, thanks!...

Item arrived and loved the gifts, thanks! 🥰