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Raw Amethyst Crystal Cluster

Raw Amethyst Crystal Cluster

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Amethyst Crystal Cluster Meaning

> Source of positive energy
> Repels negativity
> Useful for constructive thinking and actions
> Strengthens willpower
> Incites honesty
> Improves insight

S I Z E :

Height: 3.97"
Width: 2.97"
Weight: 588 gr
Origin: Brazil
Grade: AA

Amethyst is a healing crystal of positive energy. That means it is used to repel the vibrations or energies that your body doesn’t need, while at the same time, it draws IN positive energy. It pushes away negative thoughts, anxiety, tension and temptation while inviting clarity, peace and happiness.

Amethyst helps to amplify concentration which can lead to improved intuition and wisdom. Have you ever heard the saying “with great power also comes great responsibility”? Being able to function at a high level also requires you to be honest and kind, which luckily are also metaphysical properties of this stone!

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Customer Reviews

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Alessia Hills
Oh my word, if I could leave more than fiv...

Oh my word, if I could leave more than five stars, I would! This crystal sphere is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!