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Aura zebra jasper crystal tower

Aura zebra jasper crystal tower

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Zebra Jasper is said to boost physical endurance and physical energy level. Zebra Jasper can help with creative and imaginative thinking. Zebra Jasper helps give a strong sense of security and stability. Zebra Jasper can reduce fears and increase courage and determination.


Height ~ 3.2-3.6 inches
Weight ~ 100 gr
Origin - India

Healing Properties & Benefits

Using Zebra Jasper’s properties for emotional healing and strengthening can make all the difference between well-balanced emotions and a collection of painful baggage.

Part of Zebra Jasper’s meaning is focused on positivity. It is known to lift the mood, foster optimism, create compassion and reduce stress and anxiety. If you’re facing roadblocks on your way to achieving your goals, then Zebra Jasper might be able to give you the extra boost of courage to keep on going. This stone is thought to be especially helpful if your goals are financial in nature (making it a popular crystal for money).
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Customer Reviews

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Shay Pacocha
i can't even begin to describe how much I...

i can't even begin to describe how much I *L*O*V*E* my beautiful crystal... it's like it's my baby, I take it everywhere!
Soooo gorgeous, I've never seen anything so beautiful. OHHH... and the flow of creativity... off the charts!!!